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Terms and Conditions

By downloading or using the Questech website you are agreeing to accept the Terms and the policy of the company that is set forth in Privacy Policy.

Website’s purpose
All the information provided by the Quastech website is not to be used for commercial purpose nor can it be used as a license, fiduciary or for a professional association between the company and the visitor of the site. Quastech does not stop the user from carrying out an investigation by providing these data. Lastly there can be some services and products given in Quastech’s website that might not be available at the site visitor’s country or place.

Third-party links on the website
Quastech provides third-party links on its website but we do not endorse or approve the links. Those links are given only for convenience of the user and it is fully the user’s discretion whether to use that website or not. Quastech won’t be held responsible if any harm is done to the computer system of the user via those third-party websites. Nor Quastech will be liable to any charges or gives warranty of the goods and the products rendered by those third-party linkes. As a user you accept that framing Quastech is prohibited.

Quastech’s Intellectual Property Protection
The Intellectual Property Rights protects this Quastech website and its third-party link websites sand it cannot be used by another which includes texts, video, data, graphics, logos, icons, videos, sounds pictures, html codes and any other material of the website.

Trademarks law
Any logos, products of Qaustech denoted with TM or ® are part of the trademark or registered trademark of the company respectively. Using it without the Company’s written consent would be seen as illegal and it can only be used in relation to service and products of Quastech. The property is protected by the Intellectual Property Law and can be used in personally only in accordance to that law.

Policy of Liability and Warranty
Quastech will not take the responsibility for any damages or data loses caused due to the download of software from the website. Nor for any other loses like lose in profits, revenues or interruption in business). Though it tries to make it as virus proof as possible but it does not warranty it. Neither the Quastech claims to be error, inaccuracy, virus or Trojan horse free. Without any prior notice Qwuastech reserves the right to change its information and the user is solely responsible for the materials downloaded from the website.

Quastech’s policy on User’s Comments
Once as a user you send us any material (the word “material” encompasses everything from files, attachments, comments, know-how) Quastech can use it, modify it and will be treating it as a non-proprietary and non-confidential material. Also the user has to warranty that it deos not infringe the intellectual property law while posting its information on Quastech’s website. The user also gives the company irrevocable and unlimited right to use the material anytime for Quastech.

Terms and Condition modification
Quastech reserves the sole rights to change the terms and conditions of the company without any prior notice to its users so it is advised that the users check the website on a regular basis. Once the user use the website he or she will be automatically bound by the new terms and conditions, so if it is not per your convenience one can discontinue using Quastech.

Gathering Personal Data
One doesn’t have to give out any details when visiting Quastech website but to access some of extra advantages and parts of the website the company will need to access your Personal Data. It will enable you to download documents from the site, help with recruitment and other benefits but it should be dine voluntarily. Details about the benefit of giving Personal Data to Quastech is given below.

Quastech to stay in touch with you
The comments and the requests left or made by you will be followed up by the company. The feedback will be given to you via telephone, email or post and for that Personal Data is required. Even by providing it one can register for a conference.

Benefitting from Direct marketing
Once you provide with the Personal Data, Quastech will contact you giving the information about any marketing or promotional purposes that the company any other company on behalf of the Quastech will hold. The information will be in relation to the query or request made by you online, but it will be providing the user with suitable choices in connection to providing the Personal Data.

Get work via Quastech
Looking to get hired? Well submit your resume to Quastech and you will be able to track the progress of your application online provided you give the Personal Data to the website. Quastech might contact you via email, post or telephone for the news related to recruitment or we might keep your resume in our files for sometime so that we can call you up for a job in our company too.

Survey for the customer satisfaction
At Quastech the team wants to give the best service in the industry so with the Personal Data we conduct the survey to maintain and upgrade our service.

Responsibility for websites of Third-party
Quastech while trying to give the best service to its customers won’t take the responsibility of the third-party website links that are provided on the website. Neither Quastech warranties the users against the Trojan horse or any other viruses that the computer might get affected of the user when the third-party websites are visited, opened, or downloaded. The terms and conditions of the third-party websites would vary from that of Quastech so the users should read them carefully. The websites are given just for the convenience of the users and might have cookies too.

Change of Policy Notification
Quastech updated its policy on 8th March, 2009 and has the sole right to change or update its policy without any notice in advance. One must check the terms and conditions and the policies at a regular interval to be aware of the updates.