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Privacy Policy

Personal Data Collection for Helping You
You are welcome to visit the our website http://www.quastech.com/  anytime but for helping you better with your requirements we would need to collect some basic information about you, which is referred as Personal Data. Providing with these information would let you access the company’s some parts which are otherwise locked for outside visitors. These parts would enable you with better communication, recruitments and downloading of certain documents. The Personal Data provided to us will be your choice and below there is a list with description on how your will benefit from providing us with the personal information.

Better Communication with You
The requests or any suggestions provided by you to our website or any queries made by you will be followed up and we will provide you with the solution either by telephone or email, even you can register online for a conference attendance if you provide us with Personal Data.

Get Information on direct marketing and promotion
Providing us with Personal Data will put you in a better position on gaining the knowledge of any direct marketing or promotions that will be undertaken by Quastech or any other company on behalf of us. It will include any particular information that you would seek via email as well as any other offerings by Quastech.  We also give the visitors to our site the choice on providing us with the Pesonal Data where marketing and promotional projects are involved.

Get recruited via or with us
We ask to provide Personal Data to those who are seeking for a job, we will need them to submit their resume and keep it on our file for sometime so that we might have the chance of considering you as a candidate for Quastech Software Technology in future. Personal Data is also used to inform you about the recruitment, which can be done via email, telephone or even post. Registering with us will also give you the advantage of tracking the progress of the application online submitted by you.

Upgrading ourselves for customers – Survey
Personal Data can be used by us to upgrade and improve our service and the website, so that with the data we can conduct the survey and maintain our websites as per our customers’ requirements.

Personal Data and websites of third-party
Quastech though has quite a lot to offer but still there are links of the websites of the third-party. Quastech does not warranty nor is the official representative of those third-party websites, so we won’t take the responsibility of any destruction caused by such websites. While providing Personal Data to a third-party website provided by Quastech should be done by the user at his or her discretion and the terms and privacy policies should be read thoroughly as they might differ from Quastech. One should be also aware that the cookies can be used by the third-party websites.

Policy change Notification
Without any prior notice Quastech can change its policy and reserves full right to do so. To learn about the latest changes do visit the website http://www.quastech.com/. The last policy update was done on 8th March 2009.